Thank You Alex Jones..And Piers Morgan

Last night I watched Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN. His “guest” was a right wing radio host named Alex Jones. Evidently, Mr. Jones has initiated a petition to deport Mr. Morgan. I really don’t care much about why, because it is inane and the man is a total blowhard, in the Alan Burke, Morton Downey tradition.

No…I want to thank Mr. Jones. In fact, he is illustrating why the “Patriots” who are so fanatic about the Second Amendment need to be marginalized in the debate over sensible gun regulations. Since the gun lovers have perverted the Second Amendment to justify massive gun ownership allegedly for protection against their own government, a strong response is warranted. But here’s the truth, the gun lovers  have no real argument. That’s why men like Mr. Jones get the megaphone and try to shout down anyone who disagrees with them.

Screaming at the top of his lungs, spitting out urban legends like watermelon seeds, Mr. Jones represents the real danger in the gun control debate. That is that there will be no rational debate with his ilk. The shouting heads, and the minions of under-educated mouth breathers who follow them, simply have no argument. They know that if they scream and intimidate enough people, the non gun owner, who simply wants some responsibility in gun laws, will shrink and back away. Mainly because when idiots like Mr. Jones froth at the mouth, and you know they own guns, THEY are the threat.

I want to share a link to the open secrets page on the National Rifle Association, a page that shows the contributions to politicians from the NRA.

Connecting the dots here, check out the amount donated to Congressmen and Senators. The dollar amounts do not add up to much. I mean really to most of the men and women listed the donations amount to chump change.

So…why does the NRA have this kind of influence. Watching Mr. Jones explains it all. The implied threat of shouters like Mr. Jones is simple: “take my guns and I will shoot you.” The NRA understands this, and uses this to keep politicians scared. So…when Congressman Louis Gohmert sais with a straight face just hours after Newtown that more armed people would reduce incidents like this from occurring, you can see why. I seriously doubt Mr. Gohmert believes what he said, but his constituents do.

In a sentence, these far right gun lovers want the public perception that they are angry and armed. And any rational human being would feel intimidated by such talk.

Think not? Try this, find someone you know who owns guns and tell them that you would like to see gun reform and see what happens.

It is time for the believers in reasonable gun restraint to realize the fact that there is no negotiation with the far right gun lovers. They, and their mouthpiece, the NRA must not be allowed to dictate, or even participate in any process to change gun laws. They have shown that they are intransigent and irrational and they themselves are a danger to the very liberty they claim to love so much. In addition, the NRA has been asked time and time again to engage in rational discussion, only to have them submit outright ridiculous suggestions, such as arming school personnel.

I personally believe that the time has come to bring down the NRA and to redefine the Second Amendment. This must be done by the courts and the ballot box. It is clear that the right wing wants to banish the First Amendment in favor of the perverted version of the Second Amendment that they so vehemently defend.

Politicians who take money from the NRA are not afraid of the NRA, they are afraid of who they represent. Frankly, I would support audits of how the NRA does its business. I think that since the oil and gas lobby is subject (and rightly so) to extremely tight regulations, the gun lobby should be as well.

The worst part of this situation is this: innocents are getting killed on our streets, many of color in our worst neighborhoods, long forgotten by most of America, and hardly a peep comes out of either side. And when blowhards who are out for a gig and a big payday like Mr. Jones shout everybody down who disagree with them, they themselves become the enemy, a fascist element that they themselves are so afraid of.

Ironically, the memories of Newtown and Aurora are fading again, much to the relief of many in Congress. Senator Mitch McConnell basically said that Sunday when he claimed that Congress would be too busy with the Debt Ceiling debate taking center stage over the next two months. And Senator McConnell stands to benefit from this fog of the news cycle has created. Ironically, he called for President Obama to exert leadership on the budget, leadership in the gun control debate is the last thing he and his mates in Congress want to see.

President Obama, use the pen, the executive order, to initiate change. Forget about the political ramifications. Now is the time Mr.President. Take the bull by the horns, many Americans support reasonable restraint for gun ownership and you have to listen to their concerns.

How many more are going to die that don’t have to? And all in the name of an abstract amendment to the United States Constitution. Thanks to Mr. Jones and his band of crazies, the world now knows how dangerous you really are.

Guns. An American tradition, and an American tragedy.


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