The Ed Show Interview With Scott Prouty

Scott now is quickly becoming a household name. Mr. Prouty is the individual who recorded the famous “Mitt Romney 47%” video.” He emerged from the shadows tonight on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show.” The 15 minutes of fame are here for Mr. Prouty. But…here is what I posted on The Ed Show Facebook page:

I am concerned. Listen. I’m a liberal, on the verge of socialist, but something is not right about this interview. Mr. Prouty mentioned that anyone at that famous event who wanted to take video or take pictures was allowed to. OK, but his is the only video to emerge? And the explanation of the seeking out of David Corn seemed a little weak. Now look, I voted for Pres Obama and believe in his vision for the country. I also believe that a Romney Presidency would set the country back 50 years, but I am nervous about the legitimacy of this interview. So…Ed, I hope the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted with regard to this, cause it does smell a bit fishy.

My point is this: the far right is going to do everything in its power to smear and distort Mr. Prouty’s story. What’s worse, the interview (which should settle once and for all that Ed Schultz stinks as an interviewer) was out of the Sean Hannity playbook. Lobbing softball questions and pandering overtly. He should have asked the tough questions about how Prouty’s video, or for that matter his story, was the only one to emerge from that night when the incident occurred.

Throwing doubt on Mr. Prouty’s story will be easy for the right, and will give them fundraising ammo that ultimately will be used to fight the progressive agenda.

This interview may very well be the worst thing for Democrats, could raise ethical questions and accusations that may lead to unforseen complications. Please….MSNBC stop doing this crap! You are hurting the cause for the progressives!

Update…3/14. MSNBC is moving the “Ed Show” to weekends in April from 5-7. Stick a fork in the show…it’s done.


5 thoughts on “The Ed Show Interview With Scott Prouty

  1. Dean says:

    Actually, I see Mr. Prouty as an American hero..He risked life as he knew it to release the video..He is an average person who dared stand up to the richest, most narcissistic, callous and powerful elements of our society. Who else among us would be so brave?

    • First thank you for your comment. Is Mr. Prouty a hero? Maybe so…but the fact remains that no one else has come forward to even admit they were at that dinner. And…the question remains…if the event allowed video, then how come no other video emerged?
      Interviews such as this are a 7-10 split. Mr. Prouty did the country a service I believe, but in an era of conspiracy theorists, the right will exploit this to raise money and rile up their base. And I believe that is a detriment to the Progressive agenda. Let’s move forward here, too many important challenges to face with the GOP trying to gut Medicare and Social Security, and Medicaid. We still have a struggling economy due to GOP and Tea Party obstruction, and the right is looking to turn back the clock on civil rights. Polarizing interviews with many suspicious elements do not help.

      • jim says:

        “no one else has come forward to even admit they were at that dinner”

        As I understand it there were three groups at this fundraiser.

        * People that paid $50,000 a head to hear Mitt and support his candidacy.

        *Security including Secret Service.

        *The hired help; those present to hear would be the service staff including Prouty’s co-workers and supervisors. Neglecting the first two, can you speculate why the third group might not comment? Start with ruining their career and livelihood by talking to the press, and exposing yourself to the RW hate machine.

      • First…thank you for your response. I agree with the make up of the dinner. However, Mr. Prouty himself said that people were allowed to take pictures and video. If they were allowed, it would be assumed that they would be posted somewhere. Even innocuous photos or video. I believe Mr Romney even posed for some pictures, according to Mr. Prouty. Yet nothing surfaced?
        Again I reiterate, I am as far left a liberal as there is. I believe the video was genuine, I believe Mr. Prouty had a right to post it on his You tube account, which I believe he said he did. But….it stretches credibility to say that a video posted on You Tube, linked to other social media sites and was allowed (allegedly) in the first place at the dinner itself could have not been traced back when the video became public by the far right. The far right may be haters and regressive in all of their politics, but they are not neanderthal in their tech capabilities.
        Lastly, as Progressives we need to look ahead, Romney is old news. His appearance at CPAC is going to come off as it looks. Sour grapes. I have written many times that Mitt Romney was not qualified to be President, that his pandering and esoteric approach to policy would be bad for the nation.
        But we as Progressives ARE the good guys. And above any possible shenanigans that may have occurred.
        Thanks again.

  2. jim says:

    I looked into this long before it blew up in the mainstream media. I concluded at that time that it was either real or part of a a high quality ratfuck operation. I strongly suspected that at some point the Romney campaign would have to either admit the video was real, or deny it as a fake (all the while probably wishing it would go away).

    One should consider when the Romney campaign first knew of the video, (if they knew and when did they know?) What was their response to this knowledge? In any case the lack of apparent action does not necessarily prove that no actions were contemplated. Any attempted legal action to silence the videographer or those posting the video would have given instant credence to the video and served to magnify the importance and impact.

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