Why Hillary Won’t Run

It has been really amusing to watch the stealth campaign by the wanna be POTUS in the GOP. And now the “presumptive” Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  Emails are the latest scandal being trumpeted by the media. left and right. Are the private e-mails unlawful? Maybe. But one thing I have learned in my years is simply this: 24-7 news cycles have no patience. They exploit a story for two or three weeks, then the next big story happens and they move on, and the story falls to a trivial level on all but the most radical news outlets.

Think about what was the big story a year or so ago. Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks. You had pundits across the spectrum discussing our right to privacy and the governments role in their level of intrusion. There were embarrassing revelations about NSA phone taps on world leaders. Not to defend Ms. Clinton, but it is in that environment that sensitive and secret correspondence was transmitted.

Anyway, the e mails aside, I still maintain she will not run for President in 2016. The 2016 election will be the most important election we have for the next 50 years. Not just issues like the middle east, race relations, economic disparity, and the ever growing threat of the Putin led Russia.

We also will be dealing with issues that are beyond our fingertips now, such as the declining number of Social Security and Medicare patients (remember by 2020 a person born in 1945 will turning 75 and even though the system will rise through 2030, it will fall shortly thereafter.) Yet, the demand for healthcare, and the associated costs will continue to rise because of Medicaid and like manifestations of Obama Care.

The continuous march of innovative technology will demand creative solutions for generations to come for employment. Look at all the occupations that no longer exist that were major employers just 30 years ago. Education will be a major priority, most notably how to pay for higher education, and trade training for those who choose to not to pursue higher education.

So why won’t Hillary run? Simple, she represents the past. As does Jeb Bush. Even if they have a vision of a future America, they will not be in tune with the millions of new voters who were in diapers when she was in the White House, and middle school when she ran in 2008.

Her age and health are an issue, with some recent health emergencies not that far removed.


The Tea Party, Ted Cruz, Debt Limit and The Articles of Confederation

UPDATE: Friday 10/11 5:00 pm: hints of a deal are emerging, the markets have finished the week quite strong. Maybe the exuberance of investors is ill founded. The weekend will tell the story. If the GOP and White House cannot reach a deal, watch out on Tuesday!!!!

I’m back!!! So….here we are again on the precipice of a major crisis. Government shutdown, default on the debt…cable gone wild with running clocks, talking heads, talking POINTS, and dire predictions.

I have heard more crap in the last 2 weeks from politicians and pundits than I may have ever heard. So time for a moment of truth.

First, though I hate to admit it, the Republicans (not the Toilet Paper party) have a point. These sort of manufactured crisis need conversation and some compromise. It is the art of leadership and governing. All the posturing aside, the two sides are not that far apart, Yet, because of the Tea Party intransigence, the nation, and in fact the world wanders closer to the abyss.

No one can say for sure what will happen if October 17 comes and goes and the United States does not act to raise the debt ceiling (for spending already incurred) , but does anyone who has their wits really want to find out? The country is slowly finding out about the government shutdown, real economic losses in dollars will roll in shortly. The estimates of total loss will easily top $1 BILLION!

But the Toilet Paper party, aptly described, wants to risk flushing the world economy down the john allegedly because of Obamacare. But really because of their abject hatred of the President. TP’ers have been called anarchistic, terrorists, McCarthyites, and evil incarnates, specifically Texas Senator Ted Cruz. This guy is a meglomaniac who preens and poses and fantasizes about being the savior of all “real Americans.” His vision is interchangeable with the TPARTY!!! But really what the TParty prescribes for their bizarre vision of democracy is de-evolution. The philosophy they espouse is really the re-emergence of the Articles of Confederation, the governing philosophy of the Second Continental Congress during the American Revolution. Read all about it:


With that element of the GOP pushing the world closer and closer to calamity, the TP’ers think that little will happen to the US economy on October 18th. Cruz and the crazies are thinking like MacCarthur during the  Korean War, advocating dropping as many as 50 atomic bombs on China. Or the Pentagon generals during the Cuban missile crisis advocating bombing and invasion of Cuba, despite Cuba’s ability to launch nuclear missiles on US targets.

There will always be an element in our country that will advocate going over the edge, it is the sense and will of smarter and more responsible among us to stop them.

The next few weeks will be a seminal moment for the nation. Reasoned and rational statesmen and women must stop the insanity of a radical element of the far right from hi jacking the United States government.

Speaker of the House John Boenner knows this as instinct. My advice to him is to be a leader of the nations house and put the Toilet Paper party caucus into its proper perspective. They do not represent even 25% of the country’s ideology, yet threaten good men and women in the GOP with primary challenges and vicious media attacks.

Prediction time for me. When late Friday arrives, if no hint of a deal is being floated, Tuesday (10/15) will be known as Black Tuesday. The markets will drop, and panic will begin. That’s right, the deadline is not October 17th, but October 12th. How ironic that the day the Christopher Columbus discovered the new world in 1492, could be remembered as the day the Tea Party will be held responsible for trashing it.

The Tea Party wants to destroy our government and our system. Every time I hear one of the TP’ers screaming about their constitutional rights being violated, it makes me ill. They really are looking to turn the United States back into a loose confederation of individual entities.

Be warned America!!!

The George Zimmerman Trial And Beyond

So, I have avoided writing about the George Zimmerman murder trial, I watched some of the trial, and like much of America and the world saw the courtroom drama unfold live.

There is an old saying: “Opinions are like assholes…everyone’s got one.” And boy did we get opinions. Attorney experts knee jerk reacting to each days proceedings and pundits wringing their hands both on the left and right. I will offer an opinion on the trial later, but first I would like to give a broader view.

I have thought long and hard about the significance of the Trayvon Martin murder case, as it relates to race in America, and the socioeconomic and  perceptual divide between the races in America. The Trayvon Martin death has crystallized the race discussion with most Americans.

Whether you believe George Zimmerman acted in self defense or you believe Trayvon Martin was a victim of ill thought out vigilante justice, most of us, I believe that our opinions are based on our own anecdotal experience and contact with the opposite race.

Crime..as displayed nightly on your local news, is usually comprised of police mug shots of captured suspects, many of them black. In cities like mine in upstate New York, the black population has grown in the last 25 years, and much of that population increase is among the poorest of them. After all, upstate New York, especially the smaller ones, have devastated local economies to begin with and opportunities for employment are not good. In most of America this social experiment continues.

Perception. African Americans are very visible in most cities, whether by the media or walking down your main streets. Factor in poverty in some areas and it is easy to see how perception can soon become reality for some. Equally, the minority community sees some of white America as suspicious of them. Consider this, imagine being black and in an established white community, with the stereotypes and cliches that exist, wouldn’t you be a tad defensive and suspicious?

This is how much of America’s perception of this trial is being formed. It is a shame. Truth is, the incident itself is simply a manifestation of the fear that both whites and blacks have for each other. And those on either side of this case have had the fear of such events pounded into their head by anecdotal stories and myths.

So..the jury is at work. Soon they will decide George Zimmerman’s fate. But, in fact his fate has already been decided. Even if he is found not guilty, he most likely will face a wrongful death civil suit (does OJ Simpson and $32 million ring a bell), possibly federal civil rights violation charges, and even if he manages to run that gauntlet unscathed, he still will be hounded by the media, and whacked out nuts and groupies. He will face an uncertain future for employment, housing, and quality of life.

I am not sure that trying Zimmerman on 2nd degree murder charges was the smart thing to do, and I have serious doubts about the sincerity of the state’s attorney’s effort. Consider these events that did not occur: When it was revealed that George Zimmerman was working on a political campaign as a supporter, what was the candidates politics? Was he far right extreme? Wouldn’t that contribute to the mindset of Zimmerman?

Why wasn’t Sean Hannity subpoenaed and deposed? Didn’t Zimmermen give an interview to the right wing talk show host? There is an old saying in journalism, for every word spoken “on the record”, two are spoken “off the record.” Wouldn’t the conversations between Hannity and Zimmerman be relevant to the events of the night of the shooting? And remember, Zimmerman sought out Hannity because he thought he was a sympathetic person to his predicament.

But…the trial  is over. And soon Zimmerman’s fate will be determined. Some will say that if Zimmerman walks free, it will be carte blanche for vigilante justice, that wanna be cops will exercise justice on perceived threats without the benefit of due process. Maybe..but I would submit that maybe, even if Zimmerman gets released, the problems he will face might serve as a deterrent to future “Harry Callahan’s” who want to live out their video game fantasy lives.

OK…Zimmerman…hero or over fantasized punk? Probably the latter. But I would remind everyone that the world today has a support structure for punks to achieve a support structure that gives the feeling of kinship by the internet, talk radio and some of the far right blogs.

Clearly, for a moment, Zimmerman de evolved into a fantasy personna that night. In his mind, Zimmerman became “Dirty Harry,” “Batman,” and savior in the blink of an eye. But, this was a man who took mixed martial arts training and criminal justice courses. So, combine the elements, and add the mindset that night, it would appear that Zimmerman was percolating for quite some time.

If there is a lesson to be learned from all of this, it is simply to not let our fears and negative perceptions of each other overcome our better nature. Not every black person is a criminal, not even 1%. Just because people like different music, wear different clothes, speak different words, or walk different ways, does not make them a threat to us.

If we now know anything different from 3 weeks ago is that race relations in America are an open sore. Any irritation of that sore will reopen the wound. Tragically, very little of the discussion around this trial has addressed the perception issue. We still struggle as a nation to come to peace and reconciliation, we still struggle to trust each other, and most importantly, we still cannot understand each other.

Edward Snowden and The NSA Leak Story

Damn!!! I thought NSA meant “no strings attached.” OK…it means National Security Agency. So let’s talk Edward “Scissorhands” Snowden and his cadre of leaks. Wow!!!! It’s the 9/11 of the spy game. The Pearl Harbor of digital warfare. The new millenium version of the Zimmerman Note. Well…not so much.

In a truly myopic display of journalism, all levels of the media, and the grand standers in Congress have treated this “scandal” like a seminal issue to be hammered out by days of public debate and hand wringing. Yes…that’s right, and make sure you turn to CNN, FOX, and MSNBC for the latest claptrap about the morality and ethics of both leaking the classified documents and the existence of the program in the first place.\What crap!

First and foremost, no one with a brain thought that some level of intrusive surveillance was occurring since 9-11. And I don’t mean by the government. For over a decade now, since the widespread introduction of the internet and wireless technology, data was being captured by private entities, and yes even criminals, that led to the coining of the term “Identity Theft.” Google maps can zoom right in on the roof of your address, and scams both by phone and web, most from some very nasty foreign criminals to this day continue to pry money and data from Americans.

Oh wait…THE GOVERNMENT!!!! Well, they have had the capability to spy on those they choose since the 1960’s. Anyone remember J. Edgar Hoover? Since the 1980’s surveillance has moved from a cold war mentality to a anti terror posture. Truth is…living “off the grid” probably hasn’t existed since the 1950’s. But now!!!! Wow breaking news the government has the ability to monitor phone calls and e mails! Everybody cal;m down already.

Let’s talk about this a different way. Instead of trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube, let’s try to understand why we allowed such a dramatic sea change to occur. It seems to me that technology and innovation are always about 15-20 years ahead of any possible issues that may occur from them. When cell phones were introduced widespread in the mid 1990’s they were carried on analog signals, remember how if you had a scanner you could listen to the calls if they were close enough to you? So they changed to digital signals. Digital signals were easier to track (just watch any NCIS episode to see the abuses to privacy there!) and led to pinging towers to find criminals. Oh WI-FI!!! that made tracking even easier. These are essentially the tools the National Security Agency are engaged in sweeping.

So let’s re-frame the debate, how about when these products are introduced we have an open discussion BEFORE the products and technologies are garnered in a wide spread fashion on the American public. How about making sure the technologies and devices are able to protect the user? Naive? Probably. But my point is this: Corporate greed has led to questionable, sometimes sinister uses and abuses of technology.

Think about it this way, we had a hand wringing discussion about the use of embryonic stem cells in research (and rightly so) but no discussion about potential abuses of this kind of technology? The Food And Drug Administration, in an attempt to get wonder drugs on the market in the 1990’s reduced the time for FDA approval from 19 to 4 years. That kind of thinking gave us many wonder drugs, but also led to Vioxx and many other drugs that have been pulled from the shelves.But…hardly a peep when the FDA (and their pharmaceutical manufacturer supporters) rammed through what some now call reckless changes to a long standing drug approval process.

The bottom line here is that our elected leaders, and we as Americans ourselves have to understand that absolute privacy no longer exists for us. And…unless we can get the other perpetrators of privacy violations  such as China, Russia, Iran, and a lot of nasty crime organizations to follow the same rules, then well…that’s just the way it is!

Now…to Mr. Snowden. This guy ain’t Norma Rae, he ain’t Daniel Ellsburg, and he ain’t Tom Paine. No, we don’t know what Mr. Snowden IS yet, but we do know this, his thought process and execution of releasing these documents is a little suspicious. Let’s start with this. Mr. Snowden claimed that his salary was about $122,000 a year. Not bad, I’d take that. But he holed up in Honk Kong for at least a few weeks at a hotel? Must have done some serious brown bagging to save enough cash for that. Remember, since he announced he was the leak, he has since slipped on to the Chinese mainland, so…my point is that someone else is paying the rent.

And…the Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald who “broke” this story, may be the conduit that funded Mr. Snowden ‘s holiday in the Far East. So what should happen to this guy? Not for me to say. Our laws are pretty clear on the leaking of classified data. If he is caught, I’m sure that the full weight of American, and possibly British law will fall on him. Make no mistake, Mr. Snowden is NOT a Hero! He is at best a pawn, someone who has been used by any number of entities to further their own agendas. He may stay in China, a bastion of freedom and liberty right? He may move to Russia, and experience some real surveillance. Or he may be apprehended as he tries to move somewhere else. Doesn’t matter, he will be a footnote to an espionage adventure.

What we as Americans should be thinking of is what the next level of intrusion is on the horizon in our society. We should all be more critical thinkers, question all motives by those who attempt to tell us that great innovations are on the horizon.


An Open Letter To Mika Brzezinski

Dear Mika;

Big fan of Morning Joe. Just wanted to give a little essay about an issue you hold dear: The obesity crisis in America. I too share your concern.

On March 7th of this year I began a weight loss program, I was moderately obese (about 245) and the added weight was wearing down both my knees and hips, as well as significant back strain. Walking up a flight of stairs was increasingly difficult and I realized that at my age (60) that a change had to made.

I chose a rather unorthodox method to lose weight. I decided to just eat 2000 calories or less a day, and increase exercise to 90 minutes a day. Today is the three month mark of this and I am now down to 210. To say that I am happy is understated, to say that I am continuing the fight is not. Although that sounds familiar as a weight loss plan, what made my approach different is that I really started to look around at the way food was being presented.

Losing weight is not hard. It simply requires the simple formula of eating less and exercising more. The problem is, and you of all know this, the options available for food are way out of balance. As I moved farther into the program I developed, I realized one very crucial point: For every healthy option for a meal, there are literally 50 that are not. Fruits and vegetables and healthy meals have to be discovered after wading through a maze of junk.

Food is both a necessity and an evil these days. Unlike cigarettes and alcohol or even drugs, food is necessary for life itself. Air, water, and food are the most basic of life’s necessities. Yet, food is also addictive, can lead to compulsive behavior and is the end product of much of the stresses of living in the world. The psycho social aspects of why we eat enter a myriad of theories and conjecture. But one truth remains, the pull of bad eating habits is all around, family, media, and imagery all contribute to the maelstrom of self image.

OK, I may be a zealous convert to this eating change, but isn’t it about time that the nation begins to  realize the dangers of gluttonous overindulgence which is fueled by the junk food industry?

In 1964, Surgeon General Luther Terry issued that now famous report warning the public of the dangers of smoking. A warning that started a drumbeat over anti-smoking efforts that continue today.

Fast forward to today, where is a similar report by Surgeon General Regina Benjamin? Most people don’t even know she is the Surgeon General! The time has come for a warning to the public about the dangers of obesity and junk food . There have been many studies done about obesity, and even statements and efforts by the First Lady to address this, but until the medical leaders in our government make a bold statement labeling junk food as a danger to society, much like the 1964 report, society will continue to nibble around the edges of a problem that will go on for decades, if not addressed now.

Consider this: The baby boomer generation was the first generation to have fast food as an integral part of the culture. Two more generations have been weened on a junk food culture. Much as cigarettes were in the second and third generations when that 1964 report was issued. Get it? Clinical evidence has emerged about both of them after about 50 years of use.

The obvious difference is that we need to food to live, and I believe that, through my own weight loss experience, that there is an addictive nature to junk food. Now is the time for the nation to understand that continuing down the fast food highway will not only affect public health, but also eventually bankrupt our government, lessen our ability to compete globally, and ultimately will lead to varying degrees of disintegration of our society as we know it today.

Obesity is already causing a startling rise in disability cases through the Social Security Administration. Obesity causes back injuries and strokes and cardiac illness, and much of that occurs in mid life, 40’s and 50’s. Everyone knows of someone who became disabled from those ailments and most came through obesity.

As the American workforce becomes more sedentary, health care costs rise for their treatment. Productivity suffers and the temptation to reduce staff or outsource becomes an option for corporate America. I must share this story. I worked for a healthcare organization here in New York and everyday a pharmaceutical salesman or woman would bring lunch to the sites. On the house, just to give their sales pitch to the doctors and nurses. Want to know what the common lunches were? Pizza, Chinese food, lasagna, and other high calorie and high fat foods. Not only that, but they would bring deserts such as big cookies and ice cream.

If a healthcare organization cannot realize the dangers of bringing junk food to its employees, how can they be expected to lead the charge for healthy eating?

Now, on your show Joe Scarborough and others lightly mock your vigilant stance about the alarming abuse of junk food, but what they fail to realize is that though, in a perfect world we would all make wise choices and show personal responsability in our eating choices, it cannot be achieved when healthy options outnumber the bad ones 50-1.

It is ironic that coming up on the 50th anniversary of the 1964 report, we have replaced one danger to the public health with another.

This is why the following should be considered immediately. An obesity tax of 10% on all foods designated as high fat, sugar, or salt by nutritional experts. The money generated from this tax would be apportioned to the CMS for use in Medicaid, Medicare and reimbursements to private insurers for treatment of obesity related illnesses.

In addition, some of the money that is received would be directed as inducements to those who receive public assistance to offset the costs of purchasing healthier foods. As well, some revenue would be directed to school districts to provide healthy menus for school lunches.

It was not until we realized that smoking behavior could not be changed by education alone, did we see real decreases in smoking. Same is true here. Until we provide incentives to eat healthier, and to apply punitive measures to bad eating habits, will any change occur.

This is not the “nanny” state rearing its ugly head. As a matter of fact this tax is a tax you DO NOT have to pay! Eat healthy, save money! Personal responsibility in life actually requires some personal responsibility! As long a fast food and junk food can flood the media with advertising and imagery, glamorizing food abuse, it is a losing battle to educate the public. How can everything be taken in moderation, when the ratio is 50-1?

It is sad that so little has been done about this. It is sad that many in this nation are literally eating themselves to death. And much like the cigarette commercials of the 1950’s, junk food is made to look safe and its consumers all smiling and happy.

Anyway, hope you read this Mika and good luck with the effort!

The Gosnell Verdict vs The IRS Scandal

Barely noticed during the perpetual pissing contest that is Washington politics is the conviction and sentencing to life of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion doctor (a slander to the word) who performed hideously illegal abortions for an extended period of time. Here is the link to the wikipedia  page about this individual.


As grisly as this case was, as disturbing a story as this, the verdict that sent this generation’s Dr. Mengele to prison for life barely got noticed by the all stripes of the media. In fact, it wasn’t so much the verdict of guilty, or the life sentence (mind you he is already in his 70’s and will die in prison) or even the crime itself that is the most alarming aspect of this case. When the news broke, almost exactly at the same time as all the “scandals” in Washington were being exposed, all media stripes dropped this story, leaving most of the information on the tip line at the bottom of the screen.

No…that’s right. Republicans on Capitol Hill preferred to posture and primp for the cameras over the IRS and AP debacles. Yeah, Mitch McConnell spent time on the Senate floor crying wolf about the IRS and how that pesky Obama administration was bring life as we know it to an end. Yet…not a word from the constipated one about a heinous crime and ultimate conviction that in many ways strengthens the argument for more legislation to stop the potential for the abhorrence of ending baby’s lives.

Yeah…where was Boehner or Cantor or Hatch or anybody from the right grabbing the podium and rightly showing outrage over this horrific abuse of the medical profession?

OK..time to come clean here. I am a Pro Life Progressive. Let me explain why I am, and all Progressives should be.

As basic as it gets..life is sacred, a gift from God. The imperative for all humankind is to preserve life and alleviate all human suffering. As a Progressive, I oppose the death penalty, I believe that defending human dignity has no borders, and that our MAIN goal on this planet, in this existence that we all share, is the pursuit of holding life sacred. And that justice must come to all who do not.

It is tragic that in the land of the free that the condemned to death in prison get more rights than the unborn. Simply put, It should be harder to end pregnancy than this. I understand this is a thorny issue, one that scholars and clergy have struggled with since Roe v. Wade became the law of  the land. Now is the time for all the parties to come together to come to a a safe ground that protects the rights of the unborn, while protecting women from returning to the back alley days that were resurrected during the Gosnell trial. Such a resolution can be reached without the arm of politics yanking left and right away from true solutions.  I think the distancing by the Republicans in the House and Senate when the Gosnell verdict was handed down is proof positive that they are only charlatans who will wet their collective thumbs to see which way the wind blows. True solutions to tragedies like the Gosnell case will not come from government, but from rational, serious, reasoned people from the intellectuals in and out of the religious community.

As a progressive, I would urge those on the left to respect the high morals of most in the religious community. These people are devout and have firmly held convictions, and those convictions need to be respected. As such, the right must understand that a return to the 1950’s style of abortion can never be allowed again. There can be some common ground here, and now is the time for all to come together and end this particular divider of our society.

Furthermore, it isn’t just about abortion anymore. The appalling loss of life in the slaughter that is Syria and the hand wringing of the Obama administration is contrary to all that Progressives should believe.

It all comes in one package. Human life, sacred, must be protected. Human suffering, must be alleviated by all our efforts.

Anyone who knows me knows my disgust with the “Tea Party.” The reason why is simple, the really are the “Me” Party. Progressives are really the “Us” Party. We stand for justice, equal rights, fairness for all, and improving the overall human condition.

The “Me” Party is all about dividing people, tearing away basic hard fought civil rights, ignoring the inequities of the past, just to reinstate separatist policies from a long gone era.

If this appears to be a digression from the original point of this post, it is not. The Gosness verdict re affirms the fact that the far right only feigns indignant attitudes when it serves their FOX News collaborators. The Gosnell case should have served as a rallying cry for real reform, but was dropped like hot potato when the irresistible scent of a Washington scandal, and the opportunity to stand in front of a microphone and trash the President presented itself.

But should we expect anymore from the “Me” Party?

Self Inflicted Wounds: IRS, AP, And Benghazi

Oh yeah baby…what a week for the Obama haters. Wow!!! It’s worse than Watergate!!! Impeach!!! Yeah right! It has been an orgasmic week at Fox News!

I’m reminded of the old saying: ” Sometimes you get the bear…and sometimes the bear gets you.” So, the IRS thing is a big deal. Not as big as the far right would have you believe. Remember, the “offended” parties have been railing against big government, specifically the IRS, since they first “appeared” on the national stage a few years back. The Tea Party “Patriots” have essentially called for the overthrow of our current form of government.The real crazies of the T Party have used strong racist overtones in an attempt to de-legitimize the Obama Presidency. They have called for seditious acts against all forms of the Federal government, from the military to the domestic programs that struggle to level an enormously stilted system that favors old, white, rich men.

Yep, the IRS “scandal”, is a scandal only because the government was investigating anarchistic right wing groups that are trying to disrupt our government. So…heads will roll, both at the IRS and probably in the White House. Unfortunately, that will never be enough for the Toilet Paper Party crowd, and their crowned leader, the dour, constipated leaders of the Senate and the House who won’t be happy until they see President Obama doing a perp walk in the Rose Garden. After all the bound up boys, McConnell and Boehner have never, EVER done anything ethically wrong, no pure as the driven snow.

I agree the IRS should not have been overtly targeting right wing political 501-c groups motives for asking for tax exempt status. Hell, even the Ku Klux Klan gets to have First Amendment protection. BTW, Tea Party, Klan, hmmm. Maybe instead of the IRS investigating the T Party, they should be investigated by the Southern Poverty Law Center. That, in fact, would be more appropriate in my view. Folks, what we are seeing is more of a lynching than a scandal.

Next up…the AP being monitored by the Department of Justice. Hmmmm…what a load of crap this is. The phony outrage by the media over this would have more credibility if the anger wasn’t covered in crap. Washington journalism is an oxymoron. Most of the Beltway scribes are gossip columnists more than real journalists. The story in question by the way, leaked information about a thwarted terrorist plot finding its way into the media was a process that has always been investigated, and when reporters do these stories that have even a remote chance of endangering innocent lives, they media should have the self restraint to not pant and publish.

Lastly Benghazi. This will add up to nothing, zip. This is just a misdirection ploy by Republicans to discredit Obama foreign policy. It will go nowhere.

It is tragic to see the nation dragged into a crapfest that will cover a month’s worth of news cycles. Yes, the “scandals” are self inflicted by the Obama Administration, to a point. But, the “outrage” on the right, is really a thinly veiled attempt to torpedo the President’s second term agenda. In fact, immigration reform is all but dead now. So is any meaningful gun reform, and forget about jobs. The GOP and the Tea Party could care less about that. They hold jobs, and think all the unemployed should just go away.

Remember, the Tea Party think 47% of the country are freeloaders, vermin, not “Real” Americans. We are their servants, a burden to them.

In the end, this week proves beyond a shadow of a doubt and delineates better than ever the difference between the left and the right. The left believes in fairness, and opportunity for all. They believe in justice and equality for all, no matter what color you are or what gender or who you love. The left wants to raise the debate and lift the least among us.

The right simply has selfish motives. Keep the money and keep the power. Keep those of color down. Discredit and discriminate against those who are most weak.

Keep that in mind as you hear the “scandal” crap that is coming.